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05 Harley

"This is the horse you ride in on."

Harley Davidson had a problem. Younger people weren't buying hogs. The brand’s counter-culture image had fallen woefully out-of-step with Millennials, a generation more interested in plugging in, than dropping out. 


The brand needed to change the conversation, so they turned to TBWA\Chiat\Day. 


Teaming up with my former agency, I wrote a brand manifesto that turned Harley's brand purpose on its head—riding a Harley is a way to lean in, not check out.



We go.

Toward the unknown.

Toward the “what will be?

Like moths to a flame, we fly head first into the thick of it.

The “ready or not here we come” of it.

Always toward, never away, because the ride off into the sunset is pretty overrated.

At that point, the only thing left to do is roll the credits.

Well, you can forget that.

This is the horse you ride in on.

This is your chariot of fire to whatever the hell you want.

And that rumble between your legs?

That’s just the expected being shaken up.

That’s just the universe calling.

It wants to know something.

What are you riding towards?


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