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03 Apple

"You say you want a revolution..." 

The mother of all campaigns. Nothing else comes close.


What a privilege to work on the historic iPhone launches. 

So we had to bring them along. 


Each spot featured hands-on demonstrations walking consumers through different downloads—everything from dinner recos to video games.


As a member of the team, I co-wrote countless iPhone and App Store spots, full-page Wall Street Journal print ads and co-branded spots for AT&T.

First year iPhone 3G sales of 17.3 million units. First year iPhone 4 sales leaped to 108 million units, selling 1.7 million units in the first 3 days.

It was also a challenge.


How do you launch a product so revolutionary, consumers have never used it? People had never heard of an App, much less downloaded one. 

The App Store launch was a category game-changer,  but required some consumer education. We used long form print ads in the WSJ to show consumers there was, in fact, an app for that. 
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