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01 Amex

"I've writen with Tina Fey. I can die now."

Tina Fey. Annie Leibowitz. American Express. It doesn’t get any better. 


The assignment was to launch the Everyday Card. Aimed at working moms, it gives big rewards the more you use it. 

We needed to show the card being put through its paces.  By a mom. Who was funny.

Who else, right?

Tina loved our fictional take on her real life. And made it a lot funnier with a healthy dose of improv. 


It’s all downhill from here. 

Tina Print.png
Our print ad was shot by legendary photographer, Annie Leibovitz. Tina. Annie. Two icons. One campaign. 
Screenshot (23).png
Screenshot (24).png
Heavy social media engagement included a shout out from Jimmy Fallon. Viewers also Tweeted that Tina swiped the card upside down (a client request). In response, we doubled down on the "mistake" with an upside down Tweet of our own.
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